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About The Anger

SK R e t a i l (A division of SK Retail) is an endeavor to give unmatched quality & service in the industry within the set time span. S K R e t a i l advertising has built a loyal patronage by providing our clients with quality, reliable products and efficient, friendly customer service. Industry resources allow us to obtain superior products and materials at the lowest prices, while always maintaining the highest quality.

This ongoing commitment to maintaining solid client relationships is what allows us to be the most trusted name in the industry. We guarantee 100 percent client satisfaction for all products we manufacture.

Why Choose Us

SK Retail is committed to quality and maintaining delivery / installation schedules.

  • Our skilled professionals, using the latest design technology and fabrication techniques, produce quality signage to meet our clients’ individual and very unique needs.
  • To achieve this we have a support team of 60 members, Installation, Fabrication, Solvent & Digital Printing, Lamination & Mounting are all done in house which intern brings down the cost.
  • We have the expertise in outdoor as well as indoor advertising and have the privilege of working with leading AD Agencies, Corporate Clients, Telecom Giants, and Apparel industry
  • Q- XPERT can be used in Airports , Cinemas, Hospitals , Hotels , Banks , Malls , Metro Stations etc.

We always stay with our clients.

If you have any additional questions or require further clarification, please, do not hesitate to reach us.